Cruise 2020 SailAway

2020-03-06 This year’s sailing adventure was on the Cruise ship Crown Princess. Leaving Ft. Lauderdale FL for a 10 day Cruise of some Islands in the Southern Caribbean. My first album has photos of the Sailaway from Port Everglades, as well as on-board photos of the first 2 days at sea, it’s called Cruise_2020_SailAway

Our first island stop was St. Thomas USVI. Since we had visited this island before, we booked an excursion to the nearby island of St. John USVI. Photos of the ferry ride and visit to St. John are in the album Cruise_2020_St.Thomas-John

The next stop is the island of Antigua. Here we took a tour bus to see parts of the island including the famous “Nelson’s Dockyard”. This album is called Cruise_2020_Antigua

The following day we took another excursion tour of the island of Barbados. The Flickr album for this day is called Cruise_2020_Barbados

Our next island visit was to St. Lucia. Although we stayed here many years ago we did not tour it much, so another excursion bus tour took us through the countryside with a special stop at the Rum Distillery. This online album is called Cruise_2020_St.Lucia

Our final stop was another island on our to-do list. The excursion on St. Kitts USVI, combined a bus tour and an exciting train tour over more than half the island. This photo album is called Cruise_2020_St.Kitts

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