Cruise 2020 SailAway

2020-03-06 This year’s sailing adventure was on the Cruise ship Crown Princess. Leaving Ft. Lauderdale FL for a 10 day Cruise of some Islands in the Southern Caribbean. My first album has photos of the Sailaway from Port Everglades, as well as on-board photos of the first 2 days at sea, it’s called Cruise_2020_SailAway

Our first island stop was St. Thomas USVI. Since we had visited this island before, we booked an excursion to the nearby island of St. John USVI. Photos of the ferry ride and visit to St. John are in the album Cruise_2020_St.Thomas-John

The next stop is the island of Antigua. Here we took a tour bus to see parts of the island including the famous “Nelson’s Dockyard”. This album is called Cruise_2020_Antigua

The following day we took another excursion tour of the island of Barbados. The Flickr album for this day is called Cruise_2020_Barbados

Our next island visit was to St. Lucia. Although we stayed here many years ago we did not tour it much, so another excursion bus tour took us through the countryside with a special stop at the Rum Distillery. This online album is called Cruise_2020_St.Lucia

Our final stop was another island on our to-do list. The excursion on St. Kitts USVI, combined a bus tour and an exciting train tour over more than half the island. This photo album is called Cruise_2020_St.Kitts

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Winter Woodlot Tour 2020

2020-02-22 After being cancelled 2 years in a row due to poor weather, it was great to see clear skies and cold temps for this year’s event.

The Winter Woodlot Tour has a Facebook page Winter Woodlot Tour which will advise the status of the current event.

This year all went well and there was a good turnout to the Bluefield Schoolyard. My Flick album is Winter Woodlot Tour 2020.

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Eagle Watch 2020

2020-02-03 At Sheffield Mills, NS the Eagles gather for daily feedings. The website is

This makes a great opportunity to see a flock of Eagles up close and get some amazing photos.

My Flick album Eagle Watch 2020. starts with a trip to Rustico, PEI where I got some Eagle practice before the Sheffield trip.

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PEI Scottish Highland Games Heavy Events

2019-08-31 While I’ve been to the Scottish Highland Games in Belfast, PEI a number of times, it was great to see more of it at a new Event in Charlottetown.

This new event was called “PEI Scottish Highland Games Heavy Events” and held at the Charlottetown Event Grounds which was a great spot. This event has a Facebook page PEI Scottish Highland Games Heavy Events .

My online Flickr album from this Event is PEI Scottish Highland Games Heavy Events.

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155th PEI Highland Games

2019-08-03 I’ve been to this Event a few times and always enjoy the Music (Bagpipes & Drums), and watching the Scottish Highland Games competitions.
This event is Hosted by The Caledonian Club of PEI .
Here is my online album from the 155th PEI Highland Games at Belfast, PEI.

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Two Aircraft Museum visits in Nova Scotia

2019-07-07 This online photo album covers Two Visits to Aircraft Museums that I’ve been to before many times. However, it’s always good to drop in and see what’s new and what’s updated. The Greenwood Museum (GMAM) has it’s website here :
Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

The Halifax Museum (ACAM) website is here:
Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum

There were other visits to these two museums such as:
Greenwood: Greenwood 2015
Halifax: Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum-2012

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2019-04-17 We didn’t get to SXM last year because our Resort was closed for repairs. In the Fall of 2017 hurricane Irma caused considerable damage to the Island and many resorts were closed for a long time. Over a year later there is still much rebuilding to do, and thankfully our Resort was open early this year.

So some images will show shiny new things (like Sonesta), many other buildings have yet to recover and some may not be rebuilt.

My online album for SXM-2019 shows our Royal Islander Resort and the Maho area, as well as a new attraction of the Rainforest Adventures Zip line and chairlift. We didn’t take the Zip line down but the chairlift gave us some amazing views of Sint Maarten.

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Cruise 2019 – Western Caribbean

2019-03-01 This year our Cruise took in the Western loop on the Caribbean Princess.

A 7 night sail that took us to 4 new countries.

The first album Cruise-2019-SailAway has some photos from the Sail-Away at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Our first stop was at the Cayman Islands where we took a local tender to the Island and enjoyed a tour including a stop in HELL, a visit to the Turtle Farm and an exciting swim with the Stingrays on a sand-bar off island.

The next day we sailed into Roatan for another island tour and a great visit to the Gumbalimba nature Park with an Insectarium, Jungle bridge, Iguanas, and various colourful birds.

Our next stop was the country of Belize. Here again we used local tenders to get from the ship to the docks, which were very efficient even with the number of ships in port that day. The Belize City tour was on the Calypso Train, a rubber-tired vehicle with open passenger cars. This allowed great access to the city scenery with easy photography.

Our last stop was to the Island of Cozumel where we tied up along side 5 other Cruise ships, so the docks where very busy but manageable. Our tour this time took us out on a boat to the submarine Atlantis. We easy boarded the sub and descended to about 25ft then to over 100ft to view the reefs, and various fish. As we turned around we ascended to about 25ft again and came upon a shipwreck. It was a great surprise to see the divers there up close. Unfortunately the thick glass of the sub’s windows and the little amount of sunlight at depth made photography difficult. The sub was not allowed to use any lights around the protected reefs.

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2018-09-28 During my visit to Yellowknife I took in the Nights-of-Wonder Photo Workshop and a visit to Buffalo Airways. Since we were there for the full week, we also drove around the city and surrounding area. So this album, Yellowknife-2018-09, contains some photos of the city and the Cameron Falls trip.

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2018-09-27 Going up North to Yellowknife was on my to-do list for a long time, but a visit to Buffalo Airways was also on my ‘Bucket-List’. They give a free tour almost every day and it was a treat to walk around the Hangar and Ramp where the Famous TV Show “Ice Pilots NWT” was produced. Sadly they no longer do Passenger Flights so I didn’t get a ride in the DC-3 again. (My first and only DC-3 flight was with EPA from Charlottetown to Moncton in the Winter of 1967)
My online album of the Buffalo Airways Visit.

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